Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

25 May 2007

Go Tribe

I just got home from an Indians - Tigers game at Comerica Park, incidentally the Indians won and are now first in their division. The entire novitiate came along and a good time was had by all. Unfortunately, I ate right before going to the game and didn't have a hot dog while I was there. For some reason it seems un-American to me to sit through a baseball game without a hot dog and a Coke. This is especially odd because I don't even like hot dogs very much.

Today we also finished a workshop on liturgy with J. Glenn Murray, SJ, director of liturgy for the diocese of Cleveland. Father Murray is the most enthusiastic liturgist I've ever met, he brings a real passion for his subject. We could all use a bit more passion in our lives, especially in liturgy--the paschal mystery is dramatic, earth shattering in fact. The way we celebrate must reflect this.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all.

20 May 2007

Back in Detroit

I returned to Detroit this morning via my Dad's Cessna 172. It's a nice flight from Youngstown to Detroit and there's a small airport close to here which makes things extra convenient.

I wasn't originally scheduled to go home until next month but my Grandmother died after a long illness last Sunday. I left Toronto last Tuesday, it wasn't easy leaving the L'arche community, I've grown very fond of it. They gave me a wonderful sent off and a blessing at the community worship service last Monday. I left Toronto early Tuesday morning for Pittsburgh and was home in the mid-afternoon.

A surprising number of people came to my grandmother's calling hours and funeral. It was a lovely service. Though her passing is saddening, there is consolation in the fact that she lived a long, happy life and that her final struggle was short and mostly painless.

12 May 2007

Spring Fling

Tonight was L'Arche Toronto's Spring Fling where we raised money for L'Arche communities in third world countries. People were asked to dress up in the costumes of different cultures. It was a wonderful evening. I was inspired to do a bit of Russian dancing, badly of course. The nice part about L'Arche is there's no pretense; it's very freeing, especially to my inner dancer.

I only have one week left here, far too short a time. I plan on cherishing my last week here, this community is truly blessed and a joy to be with.

08 May 2007

Toronto Take Two

I'm back in Toronto after having spent the past three days at home attending the funeral of Father Dan Venglarik. It was a wonderful celebration of his life and ministry. The parish staff worked tirelessly to organize fitting tributes and succeeded. The reflection offered by Dr. Smith during Vespers the day before the funeral really captured Fr. Dan. It spoke of his confidence without pretense which was a hallmark of his ministry. Fr. Deluca's homily at the funeral mass was nothing short of inspired. The homily drew on sources from de Chardin to Dickens yet spoke to the heart not the head. Fr. Mankowski's words before the final commendation struck me as exactly what Fr. Dan would have wanted said at that time--words of thanksgiving to his friends and family. Bishop Murry was very gracious in presiding over the funeral mass and showed himself as shepherd of the flock in both good times and bad. The various celebrations were overwhelming. St. Charles was mobbed with people during his calling hours. At the Mass of Christian Burial there was no room left in the Church, no place left to stand even. Fr. Dan was hospitable in life and in death, there was plenty of good food and wine for all in the social hall where people reminisced for hours. It's remarkable how many lives one priest can touch through the work of the Holy Spirit. Even in death Fr. Dan brought together the parish community and strengthened the Body of Christ. I come away from his funeral saddened by his absence but inspired by his example.

Death is swallowed up in victory. Where O Death is your victory? Where O Death is your sting?

07 May 2007

Fun Picture

This is a picture from last weekend of Michael, myself, and Matt.

05 May 2007


This past Thursday, Father Daniel Venglarik the beloved pastor of St. Charles Barromeo parish in Boardman, Ohio, my home parish, died after a five month battle with pancreatic cancer. He had recently turned sixty.

Father Venglarik was an exemplary priest. He lived his vocation to the fullest and served the people of the parish with dedication. He was the first person to encourage me in my vocation and was a constant source of support through the years. He was also a dear family friend.

He has returned to the Lord he loved so much and served so well. Among those of us privileged to know him, he will be missed.

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescant in pace. Amen.