Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

29 May 2008


I've just received word from my provincial that I have been approved for vows in August! Huzzah!

Time for a classic Jesuit video in celebration:

25 May 2008

Corpus Christi

More like Corpus Christi observed since the solemnity was really last Thursday but is moved to Sunday almost everywhere.

Another mostly uneventful week here at Loyola House. We had a seminar Thursday and Friday which was rather good. The event of the week was, at long last, finishing Charles Taylor's A Secular Age which I've been reading off and on since October. It's truly an amazing piece of scholarship though not something that can be zipped through clearly. I would write about it except I don't know where to start, perhaps some other time.

Next week looks to be busier. Monday is the summer birthday extravaganza. Tuesday is the 25th Jubilee celebration for my novice master. Wednesday and Thursday the provincial visits. Friday is a liturgy workshop. Saturday I leave here at the crack of dawn for Buffalo and Jenn and Pat's wedding.

I will derive

For all you Physics and Calculus lovers:

17 May 2008


The first year novices returned to Loyola House after being spread across the US and Canada on various ministry experiments. There's an excitement in the air as everyone shares what he's been doing the past few months-- new ministries, cities, people, challenges and joys, ministries as diverse as working with the UN to working with the homeless. In these things and everything in between finding God, who Ignatius exhorted his follower to find, "In all things." It's times like these I feel particularly blessed to be a Jesuit--living, working, and praying with such wonderful men serving a mission so much bigger than any of us.


13 May 2008

Back from Retreat

I'm back from my eight day retreat at Manresa Jesuit Retreat House just north of here in Bloomfield Hills. It was a lovely time to decompress after working at U of D Jesuit and do some serious prayer.

May is a relaxed time here at Loyola House. We have a number of projects but no steady work until June when we head off to Peru for six weeks. I'm hoping quixotically to get caught up on my reading. I just ordered The Philosophy of Medicine Reborn: A Pellegrino Reader, a collection of essays by the eminent medical ethicist and doctor Edmund Pellegrino which I'm really excited about starting. Anyways... much reading to do.

04 May 2008


This cartoon was drawn by a junior in my eighth period Morality class. I think he captures my personality a bit too well.
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03 May 2008

Back in Berkley

Long experiment is over and I'm back in Berkley at Loyola House. It was a wonderful four months at U of D Jesuit. I'm immensely grateful to the U of D Jesuit community and the larger school community for their support during my time with them. U of D is a wonderful institution and I was lucky to be a part of it.

Jesuit life is full of transitions. I don't find transition an easy thing. There is a natural desire to settle into places be they communities or ministries. It is a necessary part of ministry to commit to a particular work. To invest oneself in the task at hand. It's very easy to become attached to that task, to self-associate with a ministry. Yet in the midst of transition I am reminded that a Jesuit should never be content with settling into a particular ministry for the long haul. A Jesuit is, before any particular ministry, one who is sent on mission for the greater glory of God. He must always seek after the Magis. Where am I being called to serve better? Living the Magis means transition--a willingness to go where the Spirit leads. I pray I might have the grace to live this ideal.