Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

28 November 2008


Josiah Royce has taken over my life. I've been doing battle with The Problem of Christianity for the past week. Perhaps battle is too strong a word. Problem is actually rather sympathetic to Christianity and Royce was a Christian. The book, at least the part I'm interested in, is a metaphysics of community. The Problem bit of the book is Royce's attempt to make Christianity and modernity play nice or at least acknowledge the challenges of each.

My problem is that I started writing my paper not knowing what I wanted to write about. Unfortunately I was eight pages in before realizing this. All tolled I've gone through four topics and have rewritten almost the entire paper twice! It's enough to drive a guy crazy. Thankfully I'm nearly done now.

Thanksgiving at Loyola was lovely, eerily quiet though. This is my first time on a college campus over break, and it's almost tomblike.

Back to writing... of a non-blog variety.

20 November 2008

Ratzinger on Economics

"Even if the market economy does rest on the ordering of the individual within a determinate network of rules, it cannot make man superfluous or exclude his moral freedom from the world of economics. It is becoming ever so clear that the development of the world economy has also to do with the development of the world community and with the universal family of man, and that the development of the spiritual powers of mankind is essential in the development of the world community. These spiritual powers are themselves a factor in the economy: the market rules function only when a moral consensus exists and sustains them." Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, 1985 "Market Economy and Ethics"
The world economy probably should have paid closer attention to this address. Hindsight is twenty-twenty I suppose.

14 November 2008

Still Alive

Yes, I'm still alive. I've been writing so much for school the past month I haven't had much energy for extra curricular writing.

School is going along well--I think. Once I have a chance to slow down and reflect I figure it out for sure.

In fairness I've been doing more than just study. One of my various peculiarities is a weakness for financial news and the past few months has provided amply for this little quirk. It's terrifying on one level but fascinating on another.

I've also finally gotten my ministry set-up: save some paperwork which is hopefully all just formality. I'll be volunteering at Loyola University Medical Center in the ministry department. I'm really looking forward to getting started over there.