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28 March 2009

Benedict and AIDS

Recently Pope Benedict received a lot of bad press for his supposedly naive view of AIDS prevention in Africa. One of my brother Jesuits, Michael Czerny, director of the Society's efforts for AIDS prevention in Africa wrote a wonderful piece contextualizing the Pope's comments both in the African scene and the larger Christian vision of reality. Here's a small snippet:

This [Christian] sexuality is based on faith in God, respect for oneself and the other, and hope for the future. Compare this vision with reliance on condoms. Everyone must recognise that ‘condoms all the time for everyone’ goes with a notion of ‘sex as fun without consequences’. Deep down, we know what a lie that is. It means treating another human being as a vehicle for my own pleasure. As public policy, it is to treat people as rapacious, unable to control themselves, incapable of anything beyond immediate self-gratification. Such an attitude is horribly pessimistic about humankind in general and, when imposed by public and international agencies on Africans, it also represents unconscious but abhorrent racism. This is not a route that the Church can take.
You can find the rest of the article at Thinking Faith. The whole thing is well worth a read. For more on the Society of Jesus' work to combat AIDS in Africa check out AJAN (African Jesuit AIDS Network). AMDG

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