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01 March 2009

Busy Semester

Yes, I'm still alive. This semester has turned out to be my busiest so far. I'm taking Philosophy of Action, Plato, Sacramental Theology, and just for kicks a Chemistry class with lab. I've found doing some basic science is a good mental break from all the "higher level" philosophy and theology that takes up most of my time. It's nice once and a while to just sit down to a problem set that has definite answers--at least theoretically definite. Well let's just call them probable answer in reality but definite according to a certain formalism. That's the problem with philosophy, it's hard to escape even in Chemistry class.

In addition to the four classes, I've also been volunteering with the chaplaincy department at Loyola University Hospital once a week. So far I've been bringing communion to patients and helping with some initial pastoral visits. Between classes, ministry, and keeping up with things around the community all the hours in the day seem to be pretty well accounted for. Thankfully I'm enjoying the busyness.

Currently Loyola is on Spring Break. For me this means time to get term papers underway. I am taking the opportunity to see a few concerts as well. This afternoon Hilary Hahn gave a wonderful recital at Symphony Center here in Chicago. The program included two of Ysaye's lovely sonatas for solo violin, 4 and 6, two sonatas by Ives, 2 and 4, some Hungarian Dances by Brahms, and some Romanian Dances by Bartok. All in all an excellent way to spend the afternoon. I've heard Ms. Hahn in concert previously but this was the first time playing chamber work. She is an amazingly versitile artist to go from the great Romantic concertos with full orchestra to sensitive solo pieces and aquite herself beautifully with both. Tomorrow is Mozart's Abduction from Seraglio at Lyric. Then the rest of the week is a whole lot of studying.

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stevep said...

Enjoy Abduction from the Seraglio. That is a wonderful opera!