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16 June 2009


Saludos de Cochabamba

Today is my first day of class at the Maryknoll Language Institute in beautiful Cochabamba, Bolivia. Six American Jesuits are studying here this term, four from Loyola Chicago, including myself, one from Fordham, and one from St. Louis University. Our trip down was largely uneventful except for a minor volcano related delay. A volcano in Peru erupted recently, the ash cloud delayed our arrival in La Paz about an hour.

So far we're all still getting our barrings. One of the Bolivian Jesuits was kind enough to show us around the city, I am pleasently surprised how nice it is here, downright cheerful really. The weather is sunny all day. It gets down to about 40 in the night and up to maybe 75 during the day. Rain and clouds are rare this time of the year they tell me.

More later and hopefully some pictures.

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